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Girls Intro Page/ Season Wrap-up

2017 Girls All State:

Abby Baker All State Second Team

Nikki Wells All State Honorable Mention

Tristan Gibbs State Tournament Team

2017 All Region:

Abby Baker, Region Player of the Year

First Team All Region:

Abby Baker

Tristan Gibbs

Olivia Jones

Nikki Wells

Second Team All Region:

Savannah Finley

Clara Finneseth

Kami Garland

Carley Stone

2017 Girls District Tournament Team:

Nikki Wells

Olivia Jones

Savannah Finley

Carley Stone Offensive MVP

2017 Girls Region Tournament Team:

Nikki Wells

Clara Finneseth

Tristan Gibbs

Olivia Jones

Abby Baker Tournament MVP

2017 Girls Banquet Awards:

MVP.....................Abby Baker

Offfense................Nikki Wells

Defense.................Savannah Finley

110%....................Carley Stone

Most Improved...........Jenna Johnson

Leadership..............Tristan Gibbs

Utility.................Clara Finneseth

JV Awards:

Taylor French, Cynthia Campos, Lexi Abney, Reagan Norvell, Patton Chandler

2017 Senior Academic

Tristan Gibbs............4.8

Taylor Boian.............4.7

Carley Stone.............4.5

Nikki Wells..............4.4


2016 Girls Season wrap up:

The 2016 Lady Redhound soccer team had a very successful season, winning 
to-back District and Region Titles and advancing to the state tournament 
the second year in a row.
This was my second year as head coach of the team and I’ll be honest I was 
nervous coming into the season after all we had accomplished last year. We 
came in as the team to beat and that is a lot of pressure for a team. 
I am very proud of the way the ladies handled themselves. We played a 
schedule and had our ups and downs but they never gave up. They were able 
keep their composure throughout district play and secure the regular 
season #1 
seed, which is something that had never been done before in the history of 
Corbin Girls Soccer. And to go on to advance to the state tournament for 
second year in a row is an amazing feat. 
This season fielded a young but experienced team. After getting off to a 
start we focused our efforts on a new style of play, learning a new 
This was the first time many players had played a different style but it 
proved beneficial as we improved through the latter part of the season. 
I once again contribute much of our success this season to our excellent 
teamwork ability. Our team worked extremely well together giving us an 
over much of our competition. There is no doubt we have tons of individual 
talent but I strongly believe our success is due to learning to play 
and support each other on and off the field.
Our team also displayed exceptional work ethic and leadership ability. 
Although they played some tough games, they never once gave up, going 
undefeated in district and region play. The team defeated district rival 
Laurel for the District and Region Championships before eventually falling 
Russel County in the Sweet 16. 
Although the last game did not turn out the way we had hoped, it is 
to remember the things we did accomplish this season. It is important to 
realize how far we came as a team and how even to the last second of the 
game we gave 110% and never gave up.
This team continued to make huge strides for the Corbin Girls Soccer 
Each year these ladies continue to make history and prove that anything is 
possible. The success of our team is no accident. It is the result of hard 
work and perseverance. It is the result of sacrifice and teamwork. These 
players were always willing to put the team first and that is the spirit 
of a 
true champion.
I could not be more pleased with how these ladies continue to grow as 
and as individuals. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication they 
contribute to our program. As we celebrate our success and move forward, 
challenge of next season is not to set more records or win more games, yes 
want to do that, but the true challenge is to continue on the path of 
excellence; to come back each year with the desire to be better than we 
ever been.

Coach Hannah Goins

2016 Girls Banquet Awards:

MVP - Kara Grisell

Offense Award - Abby Baker

Defense Award - Savannah Finley

Leadership Award - Mallory Allen

110% Award - Tristan Gibbs

Honorable Mention - Nikki Wells

Most Improved - Hannah Jenkins 

JV Awards: 

Maddy Saylor

Kayla Graeler

Kamryn Gibbs

Lexi Abney

Clara Finneseth

2016 Academic:

Highest GPA:

Mallory Allen…….4.7
Tristan Gibbs…….4.7
Kayla Graeler……4.7
Taylor Boain……..4.7

Honorable Mention:

Jenna Johnson……...4.6
Regan Norvell……..4.6
Sydney Hopper…….4.6
Kara Grisell………..4.5
Carley Stone……….4.5
Rachel Bonnell…….4.5

2016 Season Wrap up:


2015 Girls Banquet Awards

Girls MVP Award    Nikki Wells

Offense Award     Abby Baker

Defense Award   Brianna Massengill

110% Award    Cheyenne Rose

Most Improved Award   Olivia Jones

Redhound Award  Tristan Gibbs

Honorable Mention Award  Kara Grisell

Scholastic Award  Kayla Graeler

2015 Season wrap up:

The 2015 Lady Redhound Soccer team made huge accomplishments this season 
winning our first District and Region Championships in school history and 
advancing to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. The team finished the season with a 
record of 12-7-3. 
We were a very young team this year fielding only four upperclassmen. The 
season started off rough losing 5 of the first 8 games. The year was an 
adjustment for the players and for myself as a new head coach. However, 
we came together as team, we proved nearly unstoppable for the latter part 
the season losing only 2 of the last 14 games. One of the losses was a 
season loss to rival South Laurel but the team fought back defeating South 
the District and Region Championship titles.
This season fielded one of the best teams in terms of working together and 
playing well as a team. The girls put in a lot of hard work and improved 
dramatically throughout the season. They came together and peaked at the 
time to advance to the state tournament. Unfortunately, we fell to 
Lexington Catholic in the Elite 8. Despite the loss, the team accomplished 
something no other Corbin Girls Soccer Team has accomplished before and I 
extremely proud of their success.
The team made huge strides for the Corbin Girls Soccer Program this season 
making history and proving that anything is possible. This young team has 
lot of heart and there is no doubt they will continue to do great things.

Coach Hannah Goins


2014 Banquet Award Winners:

MVP:  Kaitlyn Waddle

Best Offensive:  Morgan Boggs

Best Defensive:  Hannah Henegar

110% :  Sydney Hurst

Redhound Award:  Paige Baker

Most Improved:  Meghann Blackburn

2014 Season wrapup:

For the 2014 soccer season the Corbin Girls finished with a 13-8 record.  
season we fielded one of our most competitive teams, losing 4 games by one 
goal, and in every match played till the end.  We outscored our opponents 
24 and the team recorded 9 shutout wins.  The season started off well with 
wins against opponents that had beaten us in the 2013 season.  We 
in the border wars, helping Kentucky win, by winning our match against 
Campbell County TN.  This season we recorded our largest win against local 
rivals North Laurel, winning 9-0.  During the middle of the season we lost 
the last four seconds to another rival, South Laurel, 2-1.  We ended the 
regular season with a win against Pikeville and started the district 
tournament as the number two seed.  Our first round opponent was North 
who we defeated 6-0.  We had a rematch against South Laurel in the 
championship, which we hosted here in Corbin.  We lost the match and were 
district runner-up for the fourth year in a row.  In the 13th regional 
tournament we were able to win our semifinal match against Oneida Baptist 
Institute 8-0.  For the third year in a row we were able to advance to the 
13th region championship game.  Unfortunately, we lost a hard fought match 
against South Laurel 3-1.  The program continues to grow, and has a bright 
future with considerable potential.  The 2015 season will start with 
expectations of making it back to the 13th regional championship and 
for a place in the final 16 of the state.      

Coach Steely

2014 Season wrap up Coach Hannah:

Season Wrap Up
The 2014 Junior Varsity team saw a lot of ups and downs this season. We 
had a 
very young team, who played against much older competition. However, the 
worked hard and held their own. As the season progressed, the team began 
gain more confidence and improved tremendously by the end of the season. 

The JV team has developed a good work ethic and gained a lot experience. 
young team has a lot of heart and there is no doubt they will develop into 
great team. The future looks promising for these young ladies.

2014 Girls District Tournament Team

Kaitlyn Waddle

Morgan Boggs

Mady Thompson

Hannah Henegar Defensive MVP

2014 Girls Region Team

Sydney Hurst

Morgan Boggs

Meghann Blackburn

Kaitlyn Waddle Defensive MVP

2014 Girls All Region

Kaitlyn Waddle 1st Team

Hannah Henegar 1st Team

Morgan Boggs  1st Team

Meghann Blackburn 1st Team

Brianna Massengill 2nd Team

Kaitlyn Waddle Honorable Mention All State!!

Girls 2014 District and Region Runnerup !!!


2013 Season Wrap Up:

The 2013 season saw a completely new girls team.  Seven seniors, six of 
starters, graduated from the 2012 team, and a 2013 senior starter was lost 
injury in the preseason.  With only 5 returning starters and two seniors 
the team, there was plenty of opportunity for younger players to fill the 
voids.  As a result, we were a young and inexperienced team in 2013.  The 
season began with us losing three out of the first four games.  As the 
progressed the girls started to develop chemistry and gain confidence.  
freshman stepped into starting roles and developed considerably throughout 
the season.   We ended with 11 wins and another trip to the regional 
We were the district and regional tournament runners up for the second 
in a row.  

With all the experience gained by our younger players in 2013, and twelve 
girls currently rostered on club teams, the 2014 season looks as promising 
any year for the Corbin Girls Soccer Team.  

Coach Steely

2013-2014 Bio:

The Corbin Girls Soccer Team is coached by a wily individual appropriately 
named Coach Steely.  He is a part time spokesman for naturally derived 
toothpastes and professional darts player.  He has spent 7 years as the 
coach of the team he refers to as the giraffes (unbeknownst to him, it is 
Redhounds).  His passions include correct grammar, the Mayan Civilization, 
metal alloys, demonstrating Archimedes Principle, and wool sweaters.  He, 
times, exhibits an unusual gait and laughs at his own comments.  He was 
seen building a fire in the wilderness, with a sparkle in his eye.  Two 
boys were looking on in curiosity.     


2013 Girls District Tournament Team

Morgan Boggs

Kailtyn Waddle

Brianna Anderson

Defensive MVP:

Hannah Henegar

2013 Girls Region Team

Kaitlyn Waddle

Morgan Boggs

Hannah Henegar

Rachel Logan Defensive MVP 

2013 Girls All Region Team

Kaitlyn Waddle 1st Team 
Morgan Boggs  1st Team
Hannah Henegar 1st Team
Meghann Blackburn 1st Team
Brianna Anderson Honorable Mention


2012 Girls Season wrap up

This season the lady redhounds finished with a 15-5-2 record.  We made it 
the Regional Championship game for the first time in school history.  The 
season was characterized by high scoring matches with a total of 110 goals 
scored for us.  Our goal differential this season was +78, and we ended up 
the 8th highest scoring team in the state.  There was a significant amount 
recognition toward our players.  Amerah Dixon was recognized as all-state 
honorable mention.  She was tied for third in goals scored in the state 
43.  Chaylee Haggard and Kaitlyn Waddle both ended the season tied for 7th 
the state in assists with 19 each.  There were four players named to the 
region first team; Whitney Baker, Chaylee Haggard, Amerah Dixon, and 
Waddle.  Three players were named to the all-region second team; Morgan 
Boggs, Taylor Rawlings, and Sydni Roaden.  This was a successful season in 
terms of wins, post season play, and the overall advancement of the 
Corbin girls’ soccer continues to progress and raise expectations for 
subsequent years.  

Coach Steely     

The Corbin Girls’ Soccer Team is coached by the legendary Erik Steely.  
not invading oil rich foreign lands for human rights causes he can be 
studying Greek mythology, bullfighting history, and handcrafting leather 
slippers or hatchets.  He also has a passion for rock formations, which 
explains his recent examinations of Proterozoic and Paleozoic strata.  
Like a 
modern day Sisyphus he combats social media sights for player’s motivation 
daily at practice.   He is frequently seen standing in front of 

Congratulations to Amerah Dixon for being selected to the 2012 Girls All 
State Soccer Team!!  Amerah also plays this Saturday, Nov 10th!!!

2012 Homecoming King and Queen

Wayne Logan
Maggie Ballou

2012 Girls Region Tournament Team

Maggie Ballou
Whitney Baker
Kaitlin Waddle
Chaylee Haggard
Amerah Dixon Offensive MVP

2012 Girls All-Region Team

1st team:
Amerah Dixon
Whitney Baker
Kaitlin Waddle
Chaylee Haggard
2nd team:
Morgan Boggs
Taylor Rawlings
Sydney Roaden
2012 Girls All-District Team
(Girls District Runner-up)
Sydni Roaden MVP Defense
Amerah Dixon
Kaitlyn Waddle
Chaylee Haggard

Season recap 2011:
The 2011 season was arguably the most successful in the program’s history.  
We were undefeated through our first 8 games, winning seven of those.  We 
went 13-7-1 overall and went to the regional tournament for the first time 
since 1997.  We avenged past years defeats by knocking North Laurel out of 
the district semifinals 4-0.  We lost an incredibly close district 
championship to South Laurel after they scored in the final 16 minutes to 
1-0.  We had a +48 goal differential, averaging 3.5 goals per game.  I 
believe this season was significant in gaining the confidence required to 
progress through the regional tournament next season.  Our inexperience 
proved our downfall in the regional quarter finals, where we lost in a 
shootout to Pikeville 3-2.  Three players made the all region team: Amerah 
Dixon and Chaylee Haggard first team, and Kaitlyn Waddle second team.  We 
lose 4 seniors who contributed heavily to the program, but also return 9 
starting players for next season.  My expectations are high for next 
with the anticipation of challenging for a place in the state tournament.  

The Corbin girls’ soccer team is coached by a charismatic personality 
currently going by the name Erik Steely.  This was his 5th season as the 
coach, which is rumored to be the cause of his recent mumblings.  His 
introduction to coaching was precipitated by his failure as a cactus 
He is passionate about the feel of petrified wood, North African fashion, 
goat herding, fried chicken, sitting in trees, and antiwar speeches.  He 
appears to stare at clouds a significant amount of the day.        


Kaitlyn Waddle
Amerah Dixon
Sydney Hurst
Chaylee Haggard  Defense MVP


Erin Johnson
Shelby Phillips


Amerah Dixon 1st Team
Chaylee Haggard 1st Team
Kaitlyn Waddle 2nd Team


MVP-Chaylee Haggard
Best Offensive Player-Amerah DIxon
Best Defensive Player-Alison Warner
110% Award-Kaitlin Waddle
Most Improved Player-Sydney Hurst
Redhound Award-Maggie Ballou
Honorable Mention-Shelby Phillips
Coachs Award- Kaitlin Baker


GIRLS 2010 Banquet Awards:

Honorable Mention Award: Kim Fothergill
Redhound Award: Maggie Ballou
110% Award: Chaylee Haggard
Offense Award: Amerah Dixon
Defense Award: Shelby Phillips
Most Improved Award: Kaitlyn Stidham
Most Valuable Player Award: Sydni Roaden


Girls 2010 Season Wrap-up: 

The 2010 season was very demanding on the girls.  We played 20 regular 
games, and ended the season with a 12-5-3 record.  The season was plagued 
injuries and at times found us with only three substitute players.  The 
were able to remain resolute, and achieved a positive goal differential of 
+36.  This team had two girls make the all-region first team; Whitney 
and Amerah Dixon.  After having two consecutive winning seasons, I look 
forward to taking the next step of competing for the district title and 
advancing into the regional tournament.   


Coach Steelys 2010 Bio:

The Corbin girl’s soccer team is coached by former paleontology expert 
Steely.  Coach Steely’s youth was passed excavating sites in his 
grandparent’s yard with the expectation of finding the full skeletal 
of a Triceratops and other giant herbivores.  After he mastered the 
subtleties of the Cretaceous Period, Coach Steely turned his cognitive 
prowess to the advanced study of human behavior.  This impetuous decision 
resulted in his head coaching position, which is the rumored explanation 
his current disappearance.  He was last seen stalking wild game in the 



Girls 2009 season wrap-up.  

The 2009 season has been among the most successful in the girls soccer 
program’s history.  We finished the regular season with a 10-3-3 record 
is the first winning season in the past 10 years.  Defensively, we were 
of the top teams in the state, allowing only 10 regular season goals 
against.  This is the first season in 10 years where the girls had a 
goal differential, which ended at +29 for the regular season.  This team 
two players make the all-region team; Karlee Jaynes (1st team) and Kaitlin 
Baker (2nd team).  This season has hopefully laid a foundation for future 
success at Corbin.  I am immensely proud of my girl’s growth and 
this year, and look forward to achieving our ultimate goal of post season 

Coach Eric Steely

Coach Steely Bio

The Corbin girls soccer team is coached by an incredibly urbane gentleman 
named Eric Steely.  This particular gentleman just completed his third 
as the head coach.  He is easily recognizable by his shaggy dark hair and 
faraway look in his eyes.  He has an ardent passion for nature.

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