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Presidents Season Wrap up

Outgoing Girls President Becky Waddle:

It's hard to believe that Kaitlyn's high school soccer career has passed so 
quickly.  My family and I have been part of the Corbin High School Lady 
Redhound's Soccer program for eight years, including middle and high 
During this time, we have had the opportunity to develop some wonderful 
friendships.  Together, we have cheered our team to success and we have cried 
with our girls at their losses.  We have had the opportunity to watch some 
wonderful  girls develop into outstanding young ladies, and I am proud of 
and every one of them.  I will sincerely miss our soccer family.  Thank you 
Pete, Girls Soccer Board (both past and present officers), Coaches, Parents 
and Players for all the wonderful memories that I will cherish. It has been a 
blessing working with each and every one of you, and again, Thank You! 


 It has been a another great year for both the Boys and Girls Soccer 
Programs!!  Competing at such high levels each year can be challenging but 
with talented, committed and goal oriented players along with capable and 
inspiring Coaches and Coaching Staffs, it has become the trademark of our 
and Girls Programs.
The Boys making the “Elite 8” level again and playing eventual State 
Bowling Green and the Girls making District and Region Runner up again is a 
reflection of the high level of play from our players and exceptional 
from our Coaches and their Staffs.
I would like to congratulate both programs for another successful year under 
Coach Armando Cima, Roger Taylor and Staff and Coach Eric Steely, Hannah 
and Staff.
Behind our Players and Coaches is a truly supportive structure of committed 
Booster Boards and active Parents who bolster & enable this program to thrive 
& grow. I would like to thank both of our Boards for jobs well done!!!  We 
were led again by Ramona Carper for the Boys Board and Becky Waddle of the 
Girls Board.  They both have done a fantastic job with both programs.  We 
accomplished many many things again this year, including all new uniforms for 
both programs!  
I would like to take this opportunity to list all the talented and dedicated 
parents I have worked with on the Soccer Boards these many years: Bryan 
Bright, Debbie Goodman, Margaret Sparks, Chip Morgan, Charlie Albright, 
Rains, Sarah Pugh, Tania Marcum, Roberta Webb, Boo Broughton, Trish Low, Kim 
Young, Ramona Carper, Melissa Smitley, Carla Steely, Millie Childers, Carla 
Rawlings, Becky Waddle, Marian Boggs, Dawn Allen, Lorie Dixon, Carla Lawson, 
Ramona Jaynes, Shari Huff, Tonya Freeman, Pam Cooper, Cheryl Holland, Donna 
Thomas, Sharon Root, Julie Clark and Leah Norvell.  Most of these parents 
served for all four years their child was in high school & some served even 
before their child’s High School career, wish to send you all a big Thank 

We have many changes in our program for this coming year,  as change is 
inevitable for any program. We will be losing Becky Waddle and Marian Boggs 
from the Girls Board after many, many years of service and dedication to our 
program. They will truly be missed. I would like to welcome Melissa Finley 
Shalan Gibbs as new Board members for 2015.

Another big change for 2015 is in the Coaching ranks. We will be losing Coach 
Eric Steely after a very impressive career as Girls Head Coach from 2007-
as Girls Assistant Coach with Daniel Hamblin for 2 years and a year as 
Assistant Coach for the Boys Team. It is truly the end of an era. The banner 
of excellence he has established will be continued under Head Coach Hannah 
Goins who has been Head Coach for the Girls Middle School program for the 
three years and JV Coach for the last three years. We welcome her and her 
Assistant Coaches and wish them great things in 2015!  
The hallmark of a successful program is being able to make these changes 
maintaining high levels of achievement year in and year out, as both Coach 
Cima and Coach Steely have accomplished.
I would like to congratulate our Senior Boys and Girls, 18 in total this 
as they have helped to build the program as it strives for even higher 
Their contributions over their many years have helped in this effort!

Another hallmark of a successful program, in my opinion, is the continued 
involvement of former Corbin players coming back to contribute their time and 
talent to this great program. I would like to recognize these former players 
and their contribution through the years:
Eric Steely, Daniel Hamblin, Hannah Goins, Marcus Cima, Jeff Sparks, Roger 
Taylor, J T Elliott, Daniel Valentine, Keith Lamkin, Mike Higgason, Adriene 
Marcum and Whitney 
(Hope I have not left anyone out)
Would like to recognize John Cima for all his help with both the Boys and 
Girls fundraisers again this season, could not do it without him!!  
In closing, I would like to note the passing of one of our own, Trey Hall who 
played under Coach Cima from 1998-2000.  The Boosters have made a donation to 
the Diabetes Foundation in Trey’s memory.  Our sympathies to the Hall Family.

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