Suffolk County Math Teacher's Assn.

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event managers list


Activity                              Chair's Name                  Phone                        E-mail

Awards Dinner                      Cheryl Novick                 423-3557       

Course Contests                    Jeanann Loiacono           269-3345        

Elementary Tourney              Byron Lane                                            

Jr. Hi. Math League              OPEN                                                    

Math Tournament Jr./Sr.      Jane Fasullo and             689-1568         

                                             Judy Williams                472-2847         

Membership                         Melissa Fink                                          

Newsletter                            Melissa Fink                                          

NYSML/ARML                   OPEN

Outstanding Jr. & Tchr.        Steve Goldman             665-2445           

President                              Steve Goldman              665-2445         

Sr. Hi. Math League            Steve Goldman               665-2445        

Teacher Grants                    Steve Goldman              665-2445         

Treasurer                             Jane Fasullo                   689-1568         

Website                               Jane Fasullo                   689-1568         

To volunteer for any activity, please contact the president.

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