Suffolk County Math Teacher's Assn.

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about SCMTA

The Suffolk County Math Teacher's Association is a non-profit affiliate of 
the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The purposes of the organization include:
1 - advancing the methods of teaching mathematics
2 - dispursing information pertaining to mathematics education
3 - fostering an interest in mathematics for students of all grade levels
4 - promoting a better understanding of the subjects in mathematics.

To achieve these goals, a board of directors consisting of appointed and at 
large members, together with all interested members, meets once a month
throughout the school year except in January. 

Annual membership for any individual (also available to non-teachers) costs 
$10 and entitles the member to 4 newsletters and participation in sponsored 
events (currently none running due to an absence of organizers). New teachers
and student teachers receive their first year free. 
Business memberships cost $25. All memberships are effective Oct. 1 to Sept. 
30.  For membership information contact the membership chair (click 
on "activity chairs" above).

For a schedule of SCMTA sponsored activities click "events calendar" above.  
For a list of SCMTA activities, click on "activity chairs".

For all other information, contact the president (click on "activity chairs"
above then select the president).

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