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Teaching Grants

               Apply anytime throughout the year for

                       GRANTS of up to $500

                   for projects for the classroom 
          that did/will not get funded in the school budget.

** Applications now being accepted for the 2017-2018 school year's projects.
   Applications approved after April 15th will fund '18-'19 projects.      

Applications are available by clicking on the words "Grant Application" 
in the page header above. 

For accepted projects, the applicant must write at least a one page summary 
describing the project, how it was implemented, and it's outcome.  Excerpts 
from this summary will be printed in the SCMTA newletter.  In addition, the 
write up may be shared with other SCMTA members.

Please note: applicant must be a SCMTA member. 
If you or your school have not paid for your 2017-2018 SCMTA membership, send 
a membership application with a $10 check along with your grant application.


From National Education Association

  The NEA, in the past, offered grants for K-12 Education Projects including
for math applications. 

  Grants of up to $1,000 can be awarded to K-12 teachers at various times for
various projects. Check for grant opportunities and details at the NEA website.  


FROM the Actuarial Foundation -

    Actuaries and educators come together to boost student interest and 
achievement by encouraging students to interact with real world mentors. The 
foundation provides a local network of actuaries ready to participate as 
well as suggest ways to integrate math concepts from the workplace into the 
classroom. Groups applying for grants will be given wide latitude in 
designing programs that enhance learning for each student. Details on the 
program can be found at



NOTE: We are in need of someone to manage the "grants" activity. It requires
            less than 10 hours of work a year and there is a small stipend. 

      If interested please contact the president, 
         Steve Goldman at 665-2445 or

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