Suffolk County Math Teacher's Assn.

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NEWS FLASH - our news is now only sent by email. We eliminated the printed version a few years back. If you want a printed copy, please print it from the email you receive.

If for some reason you believe you are a member but do not receive the emailed news, please contact the editor as listed in the directory (link above) stating that you did not get your emailed news. 

We hope you will make suggestions about what you like and don't like about our new news, what you would like to see (more of) in it, and what you think doesn't belong or there is too much of.

Also, news and articles from you are greatly appreciated. Suggestions are:

  • website address where some good and fun stuff is available
  • favorite lesson plan or activity
  • classroom suggestions/ideas
  • classroom mathematical techniques
  • a saying you use with your fellow teachers or students
  • puzzle
  • sample math problem
  • classroom story
  • noteworthy math facts
  • helpful or funny websites for teachers
  • anything you find interesting and think other math teachers will like

Send your ideas to with the subject line "SCMTA Newsletter". Thank you!

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